Fire protection linings of structures

Fire protection linings of structures

Compared to paints and sprayed mortar, if you choose board linings for fire protection, it will bring you clean and dry installation and aesthetical design with required fire resistance properties. Main parameters sought after in this type of passive protection include especially thermally insulating properties, flammability degree and the board integrity at higher temperatures. The boards are made of inorganic or organic materials or their combinations. Most commonly, the boards are made of lime-cement, gypsum plasterboard, vermiculite and on the mineral fibers basis.




  • clean and dry installation 
  • fire resistance (up to 180 min)
  • long-term stable properties
  • allow aesthetic finish



Fire protection for:

  • steel structures
  • concrete structures
  • wooden structures
  • trapeze sheets



Checks and service of applied fire protection linings we provide as a matter of fact.


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