Fire protection sealing of construction entries

Fire protection sealing of construction entries

Entries and joints created during construction for installation of individual technologies require application of fire resistant seals and sealings. Structural entries sealing ensures that the original fire resistance remains maintained as well as the integrity and capability of thermal insulation of individual parts of the building. We offer wide range of alternatives, suitable solutions and material specifications to protect all types of entries and joints in fire resistant parts of the building. Based on our long-term experience we are capable of proposing the fire sealing systems from various manufacturers certified on the Czech market. KLIKA-BP, a.s., is an authorized supplier of the following systems: HILTI, INTUMEX, DUNAMENTI, PROMAT.


Protection against the fire spreading:

  • Protection against the fire spreading:
  • entries of plastic and metal pipes
  • entries of cables and cable routes
  • common entries of cable routes and pipes
  • cable routes may be painted and sprayed
  • joints
  • combined entries


Technical parameters of the fire sealing systems:
elastic putty, self-levelling putty, intumescent putty, acrylic putty, spray / paint, coating, laminate, intumescent collars, intumescent tape strip, plugs, fittings, cushions, fire protection foam and mortar, and other.


  • preparation of documentation in the stage of project design of the building
  • application of a certified system according to the project design documentation
  • wide range of optional solutions alternatives
  • installation prices determination by individual crafts
  • advisory and consulting services 



Leaflet Fire protection sealing of construction entries - PDF (in czech)


We provide:

  • measurements and elaboration of project design upon specific parameters
  • elaboration of project design documentation
  • system installation
  • warranty and post-warranty service and revisions of functionality


Product and project manager – passive fire protection systems

Martin Kárný
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