Foam extinguishing systems work on the principle of mixing the foam concentrate with water and air resulting in foam creation. The foam forms thermally resistant stable coat over the fuel, which separates flammable vapours from air and flames. These systems are used in cases where plain water would not extinguish the fire with sufficient efficiency. For instance for fires of hydrocarbons such as gas, motor oil, acetone, alcohols, etc. When the foam is applied, the area (volume) of fire is covered by compact layer, which prevents access of atmospheric oxygen to the burning zone. Simultaneously, this also significantly reduces contamination of the environment by toxic substances from the products of combustion.

According to the foaming factor we distinguish:

  • heavy foams (foaming factor 2-20)
  • medium foams (foaming factor 21-200)
  • light foams (foaming factor over 200)

We use only duly certified foam agents, which are biologically degradable, but in any case it is necessary to make sure that these agent do not get into surface waters in concentrated condition.


Extinguishing agent in these systems is foam, which is the second most widely used extinguishing agent after water. It is a mixture of water and foam agent with air sucked into it.

Foam agents are special liquid concentrates that are mixed with water in suitable concentration (0.4 - 8 % vol.).

There are various types of foam agents: protein, fluoroprotein, synthetic, foam agents forming water or polymer layer, etc.



Leaflet Foam FFFS- PDF (in czech)


Fire protection for:

  • airports
  • chemical plants
  • chemical storage
  • marine ships
  • mining rigs
  • paper storage
  • flammable liquids storage
  • storage areas of petrochemical substances
  • power plants
  • refineries
  • storage areas of tires


  • Čepro
  • Slovnaft
  • Insprav Litvínov
  • Gumotex Břeclav
  • Ecorec ČR

and many others.


We provide:

  • measurements and elaboration of quotation upon specific parameters
  • elaboration of project design documentation 
  • system installation, trial operation and testing
  • commissioning of the system, including training of personnel
  • warranty and post-warranty service 


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Ing. Aleš Čapek
tel.: +420 606 692 809


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