HI-FOG system

HI-FOG system

HI-FOG® - water mist fire fighting system (WMFFS) uses pure water as an extinguishing agent. Specially designed nozzles allow to spray water under high pressure in form of water mist. HI-FOG® - the world’s No. 1 among the high-pressure water mist systems. The system is manufactured by Marioff Corporation Oy Finland and KLIKA-BP, a.s., is an authorized distributor of the product in the territory of the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.

Reference to our company as the authorized distributor you can also find on the official website of the manufacturer, the company Marioff.

HI-FOG® nozzle with heat sensitive bulb

  • the system is filled with water up to the nozzles (standby pressure in the piping is 25 bar)
  • when the temperature rises above certain value the bulb breaks and the nozzle opens and extinguishing starts
  • the water pressure drops due to opening of one or more nozzles, this causes the pump unit to start and provide the operational pressure needed for creating the water mist (140 bar)
  • information about extinguishing in a particular section is provided by section valves 

Open spray heads HI-FOG®

  • the system is filled with water up to the solenoid valves
  • dry branch pipes lead from solenoid valves to the spray heads
  • sprayed droplets’ size ranges from 25 to 200 micrometers
  • when fire occurs it is evaluated by the detection system, which opens the solenoid valves
  • the water pressure drops, this causes the pump unit to start and provide the operational pressure needed for creating the water mist (140 bar)


  • measurements and elaboration of quotation upon specific parameters
  • elaboration of project design documentation 
  • system installation, trial operation and testing
  • commissioning of the system, including training of personnel
  • warranty and post-warranty service 



  • quick activation by detection system or heat sensitive bulbs of the nozzles
  • efficient extinguishing of fire with minimum water consumption (by 80% less water needed than with traditional sprinklers)
  • higher extinguishing efficiency while using less nozzles and water
  • high-level protection of persons, assets, environmentally friendly
  • long life-cycle of the system
  • fast and aesthetically decent installation
  • less damage caused by fire, smoke and water 
  • cooling down of hot gases and suppressed smoke formation
  • viable conditions for fire brigades on site
  • low space requirements for machine room and pipe distributions
  • no corrosion – all materials are made of stainless steel


Leaflet HI-FOG - PDF (in czech)


Fire protection for:

  • tunnels
  • underground trains
  • railway carriages
  • hotels, restaurants, hospitals
  • banks, administrative buildings
  • museums and heritage buildings, libraries
  • garages, gas stations
  • turbines, machines, machinery rooms
  • warehouses
  • ships, yachts, offshore mining rigs


  • The Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic
  • The Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic 
  • Shopping center Zlín
  • Small water power plant Meziboří
  • Heating plant Košice, Slovakia
  • ALRO Slovakia


Service of fixed fire fighting systems is part of our services portfolio.


Product and project manager of high-pressure water mist FFFS (HI-FOG)

Ing. Tomáš Polák
tel.: +420 724 866 784
email: tomas.polak@klika.cz