Service of reserved fire safety equipment

Service of reserved fire safety equipment

We provide service of the following types of reserved fire safety equipment: electric fire signalization (fire alarm control panels – FACP), fixed and semi-fixed fire fighting systems (FFFS), automatic anti-explosion systems, heat and smoke extraction systems, fire dampers and material means of fire protection (handheld and mobile fire extinguisher, hydrants).

Services provided by our service center:

  • non-stop emergency service hotline
  • service in the territory of the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic with arrival times guaranteed in the contract with the user
  • regular functionality checks and tests in operation of individual types of the system in compliance with valid standards and directives
  • training of the personnel operating the systems
  • expert consultations at the customers’ facilities
  • minor enhancements, additions, re-locations and adaptations of the systems
  • technical assistance of our engineers and technicians in the planning stage of investment intentions
  • elaboration of studies and other documentation required for approving the intentions
  • special trainings and presentations focused on functional presentation of certain extinguishing technologies



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