Gaseous fixed fire fighting system FK-KOMPLET® we developed in-house and we manufacture it ourselves in our company.

It is a standalone, fully automatic, detection and fire fighting system designed for computer rooms, server rooms, telephone exchanges, backup power supply sources, control rooms of machinery technology, distribution rooms, technology equipment, switchboards of diesel generators, engine spaces, machining tools, archives, museums, warehouses and similar.


System FK-KOMPLET® uses extinguishing agent HFC 236fa (hexafluoropropane) or alternatively also HFC 227ea (heptafluorpropane). These substances are approved by relevant certification authorities with respect to the protection of environment. In addition, they comply with basic requirements of national as well as European legislation.

Function of the system FK-KOMPLET:

Detection (FK-system) – the fire is identified by smoke, heat or optical sensors, heat cables or possibly by suction detection system. Extinguishing actuation – opening of the cylinders with extinguishing agent is controlled by the control panel FK-start®. Individual cylinders with extinguishing agent are equipped with special head with solenoid valve. The extinguishing agent is distributed by transport piping. Extinguishing of fire – the extinguishing agent is applied via nozzles directly to the protected space. Anchoring elements are seismically resistant.

FM 200

Extinguishing agent is a colourless gas without odour. The extinguishing effect of FM200 is based on absorption of heat from the flames. It means that from the major part it is based on physical effects and from the minor part it acts on chemical basis.

HFC 236 fa

HFC 236 FA is a non-conductive, non-corrosive and non-flammable extinguishing agent with zero ODP value (i.e. it causes no damage the ozone layer). It is used in certified fire fighting systems named FK-KOMPLET®, which are designed and manufactured by our company.


  • reasonable price/performance ratio
  • modular system allows to combine local and global protection
  • storage cylinders may be installed directly in the protected space
  • small footprint required for the system accommodation
  • easy and fast installation


FFFS FK-KOMPLET® is a certified system according to multiple valid standards EN 15004, ISO 14520, ČSN EN 12094 and ČSN EN 54. Assessment of the product conformance was performed by Strojírenský zkušební ústav, s. p. (The Engineering Testing Institute) in compliance with the act No. 22/1997 Coll. 


System FK-stop® is fully compliant with national legislation and the EU legislation and it complies with requirements of the Directives of the European Parliament and of the Council No. 2006/95/EC and 2004/108/EC.


Leaflet FK-KOMPLET - PDF (in czech)


Fire protection for:

  • computer rooms
  • telephone exchanges
  • UPS (backup power supply sources)
  • machinery equipment 
  • switch rooms
  • diesel generators and machining tools
  • archives, museums
  • warehouses


We have installed FK-KOMPLET® in hundreds of projects already. Our customers include for example:

  • AGC Flat Glass Czech a.s.
  • ČEZ, a.s. - jaderná elektrárna Temelín
  • VODAFONE a.s.
  • TELIA Sweden
  • Letiště Praha s. p. (Prague airport)
  • Vězeňská služba ČR (Prison Service of the Czech Republic)
  • UMG Praha
  • Česká spořitelna a.s. (bank)
  • Česká pošta a.s. (Czech Post Office)
  • Komerční banka a.s.
  • Ministries and object of the state administration
  • Hotel HILTON Praha
  • KID Digital Park Kavčí Hory Praha
  • Gemalto Praha
  • Krajský úřad Jihlava
  • Nemocnice Jihlava


Service of fixed fire fighting systems is part of our services portfolio.



Product and project manager – gaseous FFFS

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