PERLIFOC® is a fine-grain mortar designed to increase the fire resistance of interior steel, concrete and wooden structures and HVAC ducts. Its purpose is to maintain stability and bearing strength of structural building elements until the fire is extinguished or the object is evacuated. The mortar PERLIFOC® is intended for interior application. The surface of PERLIFOC® is rough but it can be smoothened if necessary and then painted in any colour or lined with interior elements.

Technical specifications:

It is a mortar based on calcium sulphate, expanded by intumescent materials and processed by various admixtures to improve its mechanical application when mixed with water and to optimize the product’s physical and mechanical properties after application and curing on structural elements to be protected.

Colour: white + 6 basic colours
Bulk density: from 600 to 650 kg/m3
pH: 12 non-oxidizing
Fire resistance class: A1
Resistance to flowing water: UNE 23806-81
Thermal conductivity: 0.12 W/m・k
Cohesive strength: 0.190 N/mm2
Temperature for application: > 0°C
Flexural strength: 16 kg/cm2
Compression strength: 36 kg/cm2 
Tensile strength: 6 kg/cm2

Perlifoc may be applied in the following basic colours: White; Dark grey (almost black); Grey; Red; Blue; Brick red; PinkCESEB Brno – Center of Experimental, Systematic and Ecological Biology


  • enhanced fire resistance of steel and concrete structures by up to 240 minutes
  • easy machine-operated application
  • excellent adhesion to the base
  • required layer with thickness from 10 mm to 40 mm may be achieved by a single spray run
  • surface may be visually cleared – smoothened
  • when cured, the surface may be painted in any colour or lined with interior elements
  • the mortar is maintenance free, it does not require periodic renewal



Leaflet PERLIFOC - PDF (in czech)


Fire protection for:

  • steel, concrete and wooden structures
  • trapeze sheets
  • HVAC ducts


  • Shopping mall Prior Olomouc
  • Kampus Brno
  • Medical Faculty Albertov
  • Shopping center Nezzo Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Shopping center Bardejov, Slovakia

and many others.


We provide:

  • technical proposal and price quotation upon site-specific parameters
  • implementation project design documentation
  • application by our own capacities, including testing
  • warranty and post-warranty service 


Product and project manager – passive fire protection systems

Martin Kárný
tel.: +420 725 503 244
email: martin.karny@klika.cz