Water is the oldest and most widely used medium for extinguishing the fires. For fire suppression, the traditional sprinkler and spray fixed fire fighting systems focus on removing one of the parameters of fire – heat – by cooling down the burning area. When standard requirements for water fire fighting system are required we process the project design documentation and deliver and install the traditional sprinkler fire system – dry, wet, foam and cooling or water screen – all according to the standards FM, NFPA 13, ČAP:CEA, CEA/VdS.

Sprinkler FFFS is an automatic fire extinguishing system. It consists of water source, pump units, piping, wet control valves, alarm and monitoring devices and pipe branches to sprinkler heads.

In the piping between the valve station and sprinkler heads is maintained constant pressure of water or air respectively. For extinguishing, the sprinkler FFFS uses water. Its advantages include high specific evaporating heat and specific heat capacity, availability and neutrality.

Extinguishing with water is based mainly on intensive cooling effect, which lowers temperature of the burning object under the ignition temperature. This anticipates that the droplets have sufficient kinetic energy to protrude through the stream of gaseous products of combustion to the surface of the burning object. Sprinkler FFFS apply water in form of sprayed stream. Sprayed stream contains wide range of droplets of various sizes and includes all forms from full-sized and finely-sprayed stream. Sprinkler fire fighting system kills fires in their early stage, i.e. under relatively optimal conditions. The result is high efficiency of these fire fighting systems.


  • long life-cycle of the system
  • fast and aesthetically decent installation
  • mechanical or electronic actuation of fire extinguishing systems
  • high level of prevention of subsequent damages in industrial processes



Leaflet Sprinkler FFFS- PDF (in czech)


Fire protection for:

  • airports
  • chemical plants
  • hospitals
  • hotels
  • entertainment centers
  • offices
  • personal boats
  • petrochemical plants
  • railway stations
  • schools
  • shopping centers
  • theaters
  • warehouses


  • ŠKODA AUTO Mladá Boleslav
  • O-I Manufacturing Nové Sedlo
  • Kaufland Roudnice
  • AZ Tower Brno
  • CPI City Center Olomouc


Service of fixed fire fighting systems is part of our services portfolio.


Project manager – water and foam FFFS

Ing. Aleš Čapek
tel.: +420 606 692 809
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Product and project manager – water and foam FFFS

Ing. Aleš Čapek
tel.: +420 606 692 809
email: ales.capek@klika.cz


Ing. Richard Mihel
tel.: +421 948 296 988
email: richard.mihel@klika.sk

Project manager – small-scope orders of water and foam FFFS

Ing. Vladimír Pecka
tel.: +420 724 826 906
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Product and project manager – sprinkler FFFS

Anton Tirita

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