Water resistant and pressure fire protection sealing

Water resistant and pressure fire protection sealing

This sealing is used for all pipe and cable entries protruding through the structures endangered by fire, smoke, gas, water or electromagnetic interference. Based on excellent experience, in-land as well as abroad references, we use systems ROXTEC® for such critical structures, and we use these systems not only for fire protection but also as pressure and water resistant systems. Sealing must be done with dedicated products with proven and tested resistance and this easily adjustable multi diameter system is fully compliant with these requirements.

System functions:

Protection against spreading of fire:

The system offers several types of solutions for greater and smaller quantities of cables and pipes (rectangular or circular entries, compact solutions and shielded applications).

Sealing module consists of two halves, center core and detachable layers. The manufacturer of ROXTEC® systems offers several size series of these modules for efficient solutions for sealing of pipe and cable entries with diameters from 3 to 99 mm. The multi diameter module is used in connection with its frame and compression unit. These parts are joined together by means of special lubricants, collars and other components.



  • easy to adapt
  • simple installation
  • easy maintenance 



Leaflet Fire protection sealing of construction entries - PDF (in czech)


We provide:

  • measurements and elaboration of project design upon specific parameters
  • elaboration of project design documentation
  • system installation
  • warranty and post-warranty service and revisions of functionality


Product and project manager – passive fire protection systems

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