služby BOZP a PO | KLIKA BPWe consider our approach as comprehensive when our client receives all-inclusive services:

 training in the sphere of occupational health and safety (OHSAS) and fire protection (FP)

•   operational documentation and codes of practice

•   internal audits and inspections whether the regulations are observed

•   revisions and inspections of reserved technical equipment

•   revisions of material means of fire protection (fire extinguishers and hydrants)

•   delivery and service of fire fighting systems

•   photoluminescent labeling, safety labels

•   communication with authorities and institutions


According to the act No. 133/85 Coll. on fire protection the legal entities and physical persons with business activities are obliged to mark their work sites and other places by relevant safety labels. Location and appearance of the labels are defined in Government Order No. 11/2002 Coll., which states that the labels for escape and evacuation of persons and labels marking obstacles in escape routes must be visible even after power supply failure for the time necessary for safe evacuation from the object. This can be achieved by using photoluminescent safety labels.

We offer delivery and installation of high-quality safety photoluminescent labels of wide choice. Luminance decay (after-glow) of the labels complies with requirements of the standard DIN 67510 valid for the EU countries. Photoluminescent labels are made using the technology SYSTEM TD®.



This system features long-lasting luminance values that exceed the European standards DIN. The labels are made of materials, which comply with all requirements for protection of the environment. Front side of labels is covered with top layer that protects the label surface against the UV radiation, water, dust and sunlight. Back side is coated with high-bond-strength self-adhesive layer. Labels are elastic and will stick also to bending surfaces.



Safety photoluminescent labels are duly certified for use in the Czech Republic according to the act No. 22/1997 Coll., and the Government Order No. 11/2002 Coll., and comply with valid legal regulations.

Operational audits

Operational audits

We will prepare for you an audit focused on activities related to occupational health and safety (OHSAS) and fire protection (FP) in your company. Based on the audit’s results we will find ways for comprehensive solution of OHSAS and FP. We will carry out professional expertise, analyze existing conditions of OHSAS and FP with respect to legislation, we will identify risks and their potential impacts (expressed also financially). We will prepare for you a price quotation free of charge. If you receive quotation of comparable services for lower price, please inform us.


Comprehensive services related to occupational health and safety and fire protection

Comprehensive services related to occupational health and safety and fire protection

The subject of comprehensive services related to occupational health and safety (OHSAS) and fire protection (FP) is to provide services, consulting and expert supervision in the sphere of fire protection and safety and occupational health protection as required by applicable legal regulations and related regulations.


Safe operation and observance of legal standards for occupational health and safety and fire protection is a prerequisite for success of any company.

We provide analyses of needs, observance of legislation requirements and analyses of fire safety efficiency at our clients’ site by means of operational audits, which subsequently serve as a basis for proposing optimal fire safety solutions. If necessary and economically viable, we also provide comprehensive outsourcing of services.